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Serie "Una poesía qui se danse - BAILE I"

Technique : Pigments on canvas
Year : 2023 - Ongoing
Dimensions : 180 cm x 180 cm

The aim of this project is to explore the fusion of the two artistic areas of poetry and visual art. The project came about spontaneously after the poet Noctis visited the exhibition of the visual artist IAMPIÔ "I took the choice of not having the choice" at L&B Gallery. 


They focused on the free expression of emotion. With spontaneity as its compass, IAMPIÔ expressed herself through the sound and emotion with which Noctis recited a body of 5 poems. This project is grounded in the urgency to create that they both shared - to leave a trace. This painting represents an instantaneous choreography guided by words and emotions. 


The canvas is not just any canvas, but a scenic space, a sacred place, that both have decided to respect and salute. The two lines that structure this stage invite energy to circulate in the form of two funnels: the first invokes the energy of the universe, the central shape rounds off the space where the intensity of the energy is more powerful, and when the performance is over the energy is returned to the earth through the second funnel. The two lines create an energy channel essential to the performance which are structuring the stage/canvas. 


This artistic fusion serie is encapsulated by a necklace of 15 blue beads, each of which represents a dance. This collaboration will lead to 15 dances in total. The necklace gives to this serie of 15 artwork preciousness, as we already know that this collaboration will end. 

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