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Serie "Le Diable au Corps"

Technique : Acrylic on canvas
Year : 2023 - ongoing
Dimensions : 50 Canvas of 90 cm x 60 cm (in progress)

The series "Le diable au corp" is based on the French expression that refers to an overflowing sensation or energetic force that can be difficult to control.


Metaphorically, the artist gives form to this expression and her devils are the representation of illusion or creative enthusiasm. In this way, devils can be found in different media (painting, televisions, ceramics, tattoos, drawings...) but they initially appeared in her Paste-ups (urban art) project in the streets of Barcelona and other cities around the world.


A "paste-up" in urban art is an image or work of art created on paper and then pasted on public surfaces such as walls... It is a way for artists to display detailed works in public spaces, adding color and creativity to the urban environment. These works are usually temporary and contribute to the visual culture of a city.

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