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Installation “Genius Loci Barcelona”

Technique : Acrylic and pigments on textile
Year : 2023

The series «Urban Banners» invites the public to reflect on the underlying meanings that can emerge from the fusion of visual form and language.

In this case, the installation «Genuis Loci Barcelona» is composed of seven banners created in Barcelona with different themes such as synchronicity, the acceptance of an uncertain life path, sisterhood and the power of feminine energies, the connection with the artist’s creative instinct, risk-taking in life.

The work wants to express IAMPIO’s will to share what she has learned so far. All these messages are learnings that she wishes to claim, repeat and share in order to encourage a dialogue or a reflection on the part of the spectator.

The banners act as vectors of transmission that, through a large format support, express an idea or a philosophy of life that lends itself to performance.

The artist takes up this resource used by the Romans or the world of advertising, and intervenes in large format televisions to create a visual narrative, inviting the viewer to immerse himself in a universe where the power of words merges harmoniously with visual aesthetics.

The performative dimension, subsequent to the creation of the work, adds a layer of interactivity, allowing the banners to become dynamic actors in the transmission of messages. Whether through movement, spatial arrangement or staging, the artist fully exploits the expressive potential of these banners and transforms them into living carriers of ideas and thoughts.

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