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Multidisciplinary Artist

French artist based in Barcelona


Visual Art


Street Art

Textile Intervention




Let's dance
with the universe

Emma Piau, known as IAMPIÔ, is a French artist and designer.

With a multidisciplinary body of work that ranges from the intimate to the communal and the global, her work explores the power of words, the symbolism of encounters, and the strength of energies through a contrasting, urban, and naive aesthetic.

Her work is strongly influenced by the "Genius Loci" of the different places where she has lived: France, Vietnam, or Spain. Exploring the Power of Words, she is interested by the link between the conscious and unconscious


Passionate about artistic mediation and education, she has a particular interest in Psychomagy, the link between the conscious and unconscious, masks, climate change, and the power of sisterhood.

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